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Wide range of equipment available at

your service

10ft Truck
3-Axle Low Loader
20ft Truck
4-Axle Low Loader
40ft Trailer
5-Axle Low Loader
2 Axle Low Loader
7-Axle Low Loader

Our dedicated and experienced professionals are always ready to provide you with a comprehensive logistics plan, customized to your particular need. MRT Worldwide focuses on serving customers with Local and Global Sourcing and Supply-Chain-Management requirements, creating value through our innovative end-to-end International Logistics Programs.

Our jobscope includes the loading of cargoes onto our trailer, cargo lashing, road transportation, custom formalities, port handling, and surveyor at both ends and off-loading from the trailer. Prior to the execution of the shipment, we shall prepare a method of statement (MOS) and present it to our client for their acceptance. Our expertise is in-house and available as and when required.

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